Why is NY state making It hard for non-profits to help those in need?

Although our 501c3 nonprofit corporation has no payroll, is supported 100% by volunteers, and gives back to the community by donating time and expertise for those in need, especially those with developmental and physical disabilities, we are prohibited in doing so because we are required to purchase very expensive insurance policies that are mandated by New York State law.

We the undersigned residents of New York State strongly support the request of the 501c3 charitable organization, Long Island Home Builders Care, to allow them and other charitable 501c3s to continue to help those in need of home renovation for their handicapped children and adults. We ask that Governor Hochul and every NYS Senator and Assemblyperson support the legislation needed to help our residents in need by backing and passing legislation to; Exempt any New York State 501c3 nonprofit corporation with; 1. No payroll, 2. All services and materials are donated to the recipient and 3. the contractors doing the actual work are fully insured. Without being exempt from the 240/241 labor law our organization and others will no longer be able to help those in need due to the high cost of the required insurance policies. We are the only State in the United States that puts this roadblock in the way of helping those who so desperately need a way to remain in their home with their family.

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